The Art of Flavour

Your Need = Our Mission

To give the best product to our consumers, May Chen delivers what you truly need.

“Quality First” is May Chen's motto. We carefully inspect our materials and monitor each step of production. Multiple inspections and certifications help us ensure that all flavors are top-quality. May Chen delivers products that not only taste good, but also are of consistent quality that you can buy and use at ease.

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    Product Development

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  • Make Differences

    Help you discover the flavor you need.

    May Chen's flavorists can help you and consumers discover the flavor you are seeking. Our flavorists tirelessly study thousands of aromas, have regular discussions with international consultants, and research various raw materials. After years of training, these experts have gained the skills necessary to provide you with professional customized flavor creation services.

    “This is the taste other products can't provide.”
    “After tasting the world, this is the taste that captured my heart.”
    “I fear I will never taste it again, because it can't be found anywhere else.”

  • Professional Customization

    Enjoy the Perfect Taste

    We will tailor flavors according to your needs. In addition to understanding your flavor needs through discussion, our flavorists can conduct on-site flavor creation to develop the flavors in your imagination if necessary. May Chen will support you in creating an exclusive, one-of-a-kind customer experience.

  • Analytical Natural

    “Use of natural materials for an enriching natural mouthfeel.”

    We not only focus on flavor creation, but also ensure the appropriate mouthfeel. May Chen uses natural materials and combines traditional extraction skills with modern technology to recover experiences such as sweet aftertaste found in premium teas, as well as the unique baked notes of black tea.

  • Application of Enzyme Techniques

  • Enzyme Modified Tea (EMT)

    Tea note, sweet aftertaste, and layered mouthfeel are characteristics typically found in premium teas.

    EMT, a tea hydrolysate that can be stored at room temperature, is a flavor enhancer with a high concentration of amino acids and peptides. It is derived from a series of purification and concentration procedures after multi-stage enzymatic hydrolysis of tea.

    By applying EMT in tea beverages, the tea note can be compensated, sweet aftertaste is further recovered, layered mouthfeel is intensified, and a fresher and longer-lasting profile is provided to the tea flavor.

  • Enzyme-Modified Cheese (or called EMC)

    Enzyme-Modified Cheese (EMC)- Uses enzymes and fermentation at specific temperatures to develop a cheese flavor that can strengthen the overall flavor profile by 5–10-fold.

    EMC makes the milky flavor of the product rich and natural and is good for use in baking products.

  • Technique of Natural Flavor Ingredient Isolation

  • Super critical extraction of coffee, tea, chrysanthemum, etc

    May Chen conducts in-depth research of supercritical fluid extraction, using carbon dioxide as a solvent, to evaluate various materials in a supercritical state.

    For the flavor profile of coffee, we have continued research into distinguishing the profiles of different material sources, roasts, extraction parameters, etc.

  • Strict Quality Control

    “Attention to details” is May Chen's attitude in production.

    “Attention to details” is
    May Chen's attitude in production.

    May Chen commits to creating simple and efficient production processes. We devise unique production flows for each flavor. Close inspection of material sources and production flows are critical. We not only request analysis reports from our suppliers, but also save samples for internal inspection, including analysis of plasticizers and heavy metals, etc. Every step of May Chen's production is overseen by professional quality controllers, who double-check all materials added and ensure the sanitation of environment and personnel. We pledge to be safe and sanitary and deliver our customers top-quality products.

  • Active Inspection

    “Professional Safeguard built on Technology.”

    We promise to bring you top-quality flavors and inspect all products delivered to you. May Chen's Quality Control Center uses a thorough system to inspect and analyze all materials and products. We save samples of products that we have sold. For internal inspections, we also conduct routine outsourced inspections. We have invested in various high-precision instruments for gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), which we use to analyze whether our products contain residues of plasticizers, heavy metals, etc.


Quality and Certification

“From production to certification, we capture every detail.”

  May Chen strictly inspects material sources. Before ingredients enter the warehouse, we evaluate documents from our suppliers; we also conduct in-house inspection and monthly reviews of relevant regulations and documents to safeguard the quality of ingredients. Professional quality controllers oversee every detail of production. Flavorists and quality controllers also confirm all formulas before ingredients are added. Our multiple levels of detailed inspection and prudent attention ensure that you receive only top-quality flavors.