The Professional of Flavour

“The painter of taste.”

One small drop, and a whole tea field will unfold in your mouth. Flavorists are like painters, creating masterpieces ranging from a medieval vineyard to a small pan of roasted nuts on the tip of your tongue. Flavors can bring back the original nature of food, compensating for the losses and changes that occur during the production process.

Company Introduction

“20 years, sculpting the flavor of nature.”

Seeking the original taste of food has been May Chen's goal throughout the years. We focus on the development of food-grade flavors and provide flavor customization services to our partners. It has been well over 20 years since the company was established, and we have continually nurtured professional flavorists and researchers, giving our teams ample time and room to explore their talents.

Because of their years of training and research, these team members can help you find the true spirit of products and provide the final touch of flavor to your product.

“Natural delicacy stems from purity.”

“Food Safety Above All” is our principle guideline in production. We prudently assess all material sources, and every step of our production process is monitored by professional quality controllers.

May Chen acquired our HALAL Certificate in 2008. We can help our clients create products suitable for Muslim consumers.

In the future, we will continue studying natural materials and bring more unique, high-quality products to the world.

May Chen - Your reliable partner in the quest for deliciousness.

Our History

  • 2017

    Continuous research investment & international business development strategies in place.

  • 2016

    KOSHER Certified by KLBD (One-year period).

  • 2015

    HALAL Certified by LPPOM MUI ( Two-year period)

  • 2014

    ISO22000, ISO 9001 Certified by SGS. Products introduced in India and Thailand.

  • 2012

    ISO22000 Certified by AFNOR.

  • 2008

    HALAL Certified by Taipei Grand Mosque Foundation(Three-year period).

  • 2007

    ISO9001 Certified by AFNOR.

  • 2006

    Established new plant in Taichung Industrial Area.

  • 1995

    Chairman Mr. Chen Tiao-Jung established May Chen Aromatic Co., Ltd. in Shen Gang, Taiwan.


Established since 1995, we keep abreast of time and stick to our faith and promise. May Chen will continually develop more innovative products with our valued customers.

Market Distribution

  • Taiwan

  • China

  • South East Asia Region

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Thailand

Since May Chen's establishment, our services have expanded into countries including China, Thailand, India, and Indonesia. Flavor creation is a combination of art and technology, and we have been tirelessly and continuously improving our R&D and production capabilities. This has enabled us to achieve the taste of nature and reach across the globe with our partners.

China Market

  • Hang Zhou Office

  • Beijing Office

  • Shen Yang Office

  • Xiamen Subsidary

  • Tian Jing Office

  • Shanghai Office

Exporting Countries

  • Thailand

  • Indonesia

  • India

  • South East Asia Region

Service Advantage


Customized Flavor Creation

May Chen's Flavorists have at least a decade of training. Backed by high-precision instruments and years of flavor creation experience, we can create the flavor of your dreams. High-quality flavors are custom-made specifically for you.



Flavor Creation


Technical Support- Formula development and Application

May Chen has our own application team. We not only custom-make flavors, but also provide full technical support. We can develop formulas for drinks, candies, cookies, etc. and produce samples to help you determine the performance of the product.


Technical Support- Formula

development and Application


Market Analysis

Twice each month, we conduct market research of new products and closely follow the trends in markets including China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. We diligently attempt to understand the preferences of consumers in each region and share them with our partners.





Core Research & Consultation

May Chen's team of researchers, including three doctors, are focused on researching natural flavor ingredients. We have developed numerous core techniques over the past 20 years, which are used to improve the taste of tea, coffee, dairy, and baking products. We can provide professional technical consultation and solutions at your request.


Core Research &